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Our company develops the PLASMA that represents the best and most current technology in the world to perform sustainable rocks fracturing, which allows us to obtain similar results from working together, but the risk of suffering an accident is reduced exponentially, allowing us to work next to facilities, communities, roads, archaeological sites, high voltage lines, in the middle of cities, underwater, etc.

Pilares Pilares


We are a company that uses Plasma technology to generate our products, which corresponds to the fourth state of matter, able to break and fracture the rock without explosive methods. Our main pillar is security, guaranteeing sustainability, precision and technology in all our operations.


Be the world leader in rock fracture using non-explosive technology, safely and sustainably.


We believe that the exploitation of mineral resources and the construction of the cities of the future must develop sustainably from the beginning. For that, our commitment is to deliver a rock fracture service of excellence, respecting the environment, communities, and above all, taking care of people's lives.

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