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Minera El Brocal – Perú

Client: Minera El Brocal.

Solution: Decrease in environmental damage through the use of Plasma 4TH.

Location: Colquijirca, Perú.



  • Continuity of the mining operation without affecting the Pasco community.

The mining unit of El Brocal, Colquijirca, in Peru, has a continuous activity in the area, exploiting two contiguous mines. The first produces silver, lead and zinc minerals. The second, underground, produces copper. Both are located at 289 km. from Lima and 10 km from Pasco, at 4,250 meters above sea level, generating 1.2 million tons per year. The Pasco community, adjacent to the mining company, is affected by the constant blasting with explosives, since these generate vibrations, noise and pollution. This situation forced the miner to make a commitment to the community, making a payment for each damage that the blasting may cause.

Currently, El Brocal mining is in the second phase of expansion of its pit, so the problem could be further increased, since this expansion is just in the direction of Pasco. To give an effective solution to this situation, mining company El Brocal decided to perform tests with Plasma 4TH, a non-explosive technology product, obtaining excellent results: vibrations were controlled, the emission of toxic gases was eliminated, there were no evacuations of any kind (mechanical and / or mining), converting Plasma 4TH into a 100% effective product for their demands.



  • Productivity and products that don’t impact the client’s mining planning, much less the well-being of the communities.

The main challenges faced by Plasma 4TH to solve the problem of the community and the mining company were, first of all, to contemplate the costs – taking into account the competition and its price – and secondly, to devise a product that would operate under water conditions.

This is how the operational and technical assistance team of Plasma 4TH played a fundamental role in ensuring the quality standards of the project, constantly aligned with the client’s expectations and specific requirements, in order to ensure optimal use of the product.



  • Use of the Plasma 4TH fracture “MegaFract”.

Plasma 4TH solved this challenge using a non-explosive, efficient and safe technology for rock fracture: MegaFract. This product is special for large-scale mining works, and others that require a high degree of control and precision (pit mining, pre-cutting, buffering, bank edges (pillars), among other specific works). The application minimized and / or eliminated the problems of noise, pollution and vibration of the community of Pasco, factors that affected its day to day.

Consequently, Plasma 4TH with its MegaFract product obtained very good reception from the technical specialists of the mining company El Brocal, demonstrating positively the promised results, as well as its excellent performance. Proof of that, is an exercise carried out on a type of rock III of 30 MPa, on a 2.6 meter mesh of Burden and 3.0 meters of spacing, with a perforation diameter of 6 ¾ inches, a good length of 6.5 meters in a total of 40 dry wells, removing a total of 2,151 m3. The loading of the product was carried out in loads of 9 kg., and 3 loads per well, that is, a total of 27 kg per well, accompanied by gravel as confinement material. With the above, an average load factor of 0.477 kg / m3 (191 gr / ton) is reached, which means an important decrease compared to conventional explosives (-32%), which would reach an approximate value of 0.700 kg / m3 ( 280 gr / ton). Finally a P80 of 5.3 “in sterile material is achieved.



  • Decrease in the impact on the environment and the Pasco community.
  • Vibration level of 20.9 mm / sec at 50 meters and 5.83 mm / sec at 213 meters.
  • Low flyrock levels.
  • No toxic gases originated.
  • Minimum nitrogen levels.
  • Reduction of the evacuation radius.
  • Construction work without the need for special permits.
  • Optimization of processes.