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Centro Seco Consortium – Sao Paoulo, Brazil

Client: Centro Seco Consortium.

Solution: Economic and socio-environmental viability through the use of Plasma 4TH.

Location: São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.



  • Continuity of work adjacent to urban center.

The Centro Seco project is the largest drainage project in Brazil, located in São Bernardo do Campo, a city near to São Paulo, with a high concentration of people and buildings.

The work consists in a system of macrodrainage tunnels for flood control in the central region of the municipality, which a large deposit is being built that will receive water from the rivers and rains.

During the excavation of these tunnels, a solid rocky peak with good resistance was found, not detected in the survey work.

Before this unforeseen, the use of explosives in the work was evaluated. However, the proximity of the tunnel to the urban center – 15 meters from the street – made it unviable and not allowed by regulations, taking into account the difficulty in achieving the vibration level required by the authorities when using explosives.

As a result, the use of mechanical equipment was attempted, although they are safer than explosives -for these cases where communities are close-, their use in this work was too slow and therefore highly unproductive.



  • Accelerate the rhythm of excavation without causing an impact on the population of the environment work.

The client needed a solution to accelerate the pace of the excavation without causing an impact on the population surrounding the work, considering the proximity of the tunnel to the urban center of São Bernardo do Campo, which has several commercial buildings, roads and avenues. This solution should be non-explosive, efficient, precise, safe and fast, to comply with the time allocated for the project.



  • Use of the Plasma 4TH fracture “MinorFract”.

Innovation is one of the strategic pillars of Enaex Britanite and has been implemented systematically, with the goal of generating value for its customers. To strengthen this pillar, Enaex Britanite includes within its services Plasma 4TH, an innovative solution in the fracture rock service with non-explosive, safe and sustainable technology.

Plasma 4TH, a company that is part of the Enaex group, today consolidates itself as the best provider of non-explosive technology services, which undoubtedly came to evolve the rock fracture safely and protected, becoming a fundamental product for the balance between operational continuity and nearby communities.

Plasma 4TH is a non-explosive system of fracture rock differentiated, in relation to the other products of the market, since it produces lower vibration level and low fragments level. The application of Plasma is indicated for situations where the traditional explosive is not recommended, as is the case of rock excavations in urban environments.

Within the family of products of Plasma 4TH is MinorFract, which was selected to solve the needs of the work of Centro Seco. MinorFract is a reliable and accurate product, ideal for minor civil works and secondary reductions. Thanks to its control in the fracture, it doesn’t generate big residues of toxic gases, cushioning its impact with the environment and facilitating the requirements in the work.

For the introduction of Plasma in the work of Centro Seco, a wave study was carried out before the first shot. Once confirmed its use for this case, it was achieved through load control per channel, obtaining vibration results measured at a distance of 30 meters of 4.2 mm / sec., an exceptional number compared to the use of other solutions, since it was below the limits imposed by the CETESB (supervising entity).

Undoubtedly the use of Plasma 4TH in the brazilian civil works market is associated with the needs of the communities, as it replaces with advantage the use of conventional explosives in urban areas, significantly improving safety conditions and environmental impact, as well as not needing special permits to operate, which has a positive impact on the operational costs of the project. Also know how environmental damage was reduced through the use of Plasma 4TH in the Minera el Brocal.