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Angostura Business Case

Story of success: Innovative solution for complex works.

Client: Ministry of Public Works.

Solution: Rock fracture with non-explosive method for widening and toll improvement.

Location: Santiago de Chile



The Ministry of Public Works issued a tender for the expansion and improvement of the Angostura and Ruta 5 Sur toll road. Their requirements demanded the use of Non-Explosive technology to be applied to a part of their section – for earthworks and rock fracture-, due to the proximity to a busy Hotel and Casino in the area, as well as the Ruta 5 highway South, which made this project a great challenge in the field of civil works.


The main challenges to be considered by the executing company during the work of improvement and widening of the Angostura toll were to fracture rock without evacuating the operational staff of the Hotel (all the guests and visitors of the Monticello Hotel-Casino located 34 meters away) as well as low flyrock level, since the fractured material shouldn’t block or stop the vehicular traffic of Ruta 5 Sur due to falls of rock fragments.



The technical and operational complexity of this type of civil work required an innovative solution. This solution should make it possible to operate in areas close to installations and communities, without infringing the regulations, or affecting the environment and communities, as well as allowing the continuity of the project in time and form.


PRIMALFRACT 1.3 PMD of Plasma 4TH was the product selected by the client to satisfy the special demands of this type of work. With PRIMALFRACT, around 110,000 m3 of rock was fractured using a non-explosive method. It was not necessary the use of mechanical equipment, nor of traditional explosives, which favored its continuity and successful completion, within the deadlines and regulations required for urban areas.


The following results were obtained with the use of PRIMALFRACT 1.3 PMD of Plasma 4TH:

  • Low vibrations to the Monticello Hotel Casino and the old Angostura tunnel.
  • Low flyrock to the hotel’s terraces and its facilities.
  • Operational continuity of equipment adjacent to the fracture.
  • Continuity of vehicle flow, while operating with the product (only the traffic of Ruta 5 Sur was interrupted for 15 minutes when performing the fracture).
  • Minor evacuation radios.
  • Low probability of overflow of fractured material to the vehicle transit area.

Our commitment in Plasma 4TH is to create a balance between civil and urban operations. We seek for the minimum possible impact on the environment through low vibration levels, as well as no emanation of toxic gases and evacuations. Under this premise, for the improvement and widening of the Angostura toll, it wasn’t necessary to evacuate the Monticello Hotel Casino adjacent to the work, nor to interrupt the vehicles  flow on Ruta 5 Sur given its proximity, guaranteeing its stability and safety.

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