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Rock fracturing service with Plasma 4TH®

Our service is backed by a big technical team, which, together with Plasma 4TH®, represents the best and most current worldwide technology for rock fracture without environmental impact through controlled fracturing, which generates a high density of energy and temperature with a minimum gases emission.

  • Non-explosive product.
  • Continuous processes.
  • Null evacuations.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Low noise level.
  • No generation of toxic gases.
  • Minimum projection of flyrocks.
  • Precision in the rock fracture.


  • The Plasma corresponds to a mixture of salts and fast expansion metallic powders without explosive components, resulting in a NON-EXPLOSIVE product.
  • The Plasma of the Enaex group, is able to remove high rock volumes, reaching 15,000 m3 per shot.

How it works?

  • The Plasma fracturator is initiated by a high voltage electrical spark delivered by a Initiator Machine capable of accumulating energy and generating a discharge, developing by a chemical reaction of its components with high thermal energy release.
  • The rock fracture is achieved when input the total energy delivered to the rock, exceeds the intrinsic property of the rock called Deformation Energy (DE).
  • The exothermic reaction developed by the product generates a small amount of gas that with the confined mixture in its interior, increases the temperature, expands the resulting gas and fractures the rock.
  • Once the rock is broken, the temperature decreases and the expandable energy is abruptly reduced, finishing the work.
  • Supported by a big technical team plus the product, PLASMA of the ENAEX group, represents the best and most current existing technology at the global level.

How it begins?