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Plasma 4TH ® products

Plasma 4TH® of Enaex group corresponds to a mixture of salts and fast-expanding metallic powders without explosive components, resulting in a product with innovative characteristics compared to conventional rock fracture, removing 15,000 m3 per shot.
We are in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

MinorFract MinorFract

MinorFract serie of Plasma 4TH ®, a reliable and precise product, ideal for minor civil works and secondary reductions thanks to its control in the fracture, it doesn’t generate large residues or toxic gases, being eco friendly.

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FocusFract FocusFract

FocusFract is a reliable product under complex operating conditions, so it is perfect for underground mining and special civil works, where a high degree of precision, agility and control is required.

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PrimalFract PrimalFract

Plasma 4TH ® PrimalFract is the product that leads the rock fracture in medium-and large-size civil works. Its high degree of accuracy minimizes the required evac radio, helps to optimise the time of the processes and facilitates the work without the need for special permits.

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MegaFract MegaFract

MegaFract is the specialist for specific mining works that require precision and safety of high degree, reducing the investment of time and effort in each project.

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