What is Plasma 4TH®? PLASMA

Plasma 4TH® is a new technology from Enaex group dedicated to the rock fracturing of high complexity, highlighting for its accuracy and innovative features for rocks fragmentation with non-explosive methods.

Plasma 4TH® is a product intended for those customers who require:

• Non-explosive products
• Continuous processes
• Low vibrations level
• Low noise decibels
• Minimum evacuations
• No generation of toxic gases
• Minimum projection of flyrocks
• Accuracy in rock fracture

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Plasma 4TH ® products

Plasma 4TH ® products

Plasma 4TH® of Enaex group corresponds to a mixture of salts and fast-expanding metallic powders without explosive components, resulting in a product with innovative characteristics compared to conventional rock fracture, removing 15,000 m3 per shot.
We are in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

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Rock fracturing service with Plasma 4TH®

Rock fracturing service with Plasma 4TH®

Our service is backed by a big technical team, which, together with Plasma 4TH®, represents the best and most current worldwide technology for rock fracture without environmental impact through controlled fracturing, which generates a high density of energy and temperature with a minimum gases emission.

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